How to help

Tell people about us

Send us the names of your friends and colleagues, their E-mail addresses and your message or greeting and we will send them our home page and invite them to visit our site to find out more about the Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust and black rhino conservation.

Become a Member

There are three types of membership available for families (25.00), adults (15.00) and juniors (5.00).

Members receive regular news about the Trust, its activities and the results of the efforts. Members are particularly important to the Trust as they allow us to budget and plan for the fixed costs of supporting the Midlands Conservancy and their work protecting the rhino.

To become a member, simply contact us or print, complete and return the multi-purpose form.

Adopt a rhino

Adoption is a great way of helping and is ideal for any age group for you or as a present. Individuals, groups of friends in the workplace, veterinary surgeries, classes at schools and clubs have already supported this scheme. When you adopt a rhino from the Midlands Conservancy you receive an adoption certificate, photo and regular progress reports, so you can follow its individual progress. Meanwhile, the money raised from the adoption is paying for wages of the guards who are protecting the rhinos, including your adopted one, from poachers.

Adoption costs 30.00 for one year. Payment can be made by post using a UK cheque, postal order, international money order or electronic payment by Mastercard or Visa credit cards or by wire transfer. Please contact us for details or print, complete and return the multi-purpose form.

Click on this link to choose from a selection of 5 individuals each with their own character and territory.

Make a legacy

Whilst we hope that all of you will have a long and healthy life ahead of you, our battle to save the black rhino will continue long into the future. Many of you who are currently actively supporting us may not want to see that support stop when you depart this world. There may be others who need all their revenue to support themselves during their lifetime or people who want to ensure that their capital and savings are used by a good cause when they no longer need them. We are greatly indebted to the many people who have included donations to the Trust in their last wills and testaments and are deeply honoured that we have been chosen as recipients by these people. If you want to make a legacy and have any questions, please contact us.