About rhino

African rhino

In Africa, both the black and the white rhino are endangered species. The white rhino has been well protected in a large sanctuary in Natal and is less threatened that the black rhino with a population of about 7,000. At December 31st 2005, an IUCN/SSC survey found that the number of wild white rhino in Africa had risen to 14,000 and the number of black rhino was 3,700. Despite their names, both are grey in colour and their names come from a misinterpretation of the Dutch word “WEIT” which means wide and describes the shape of mouth of the white rhino.


Asian rhino

In Asia, there are three species of rhino and all of them are endangered species. The numbers for Asian rhinos in the wild for the Indian Greater One Horned rhino are 2,565, Sumatran rhino 300 and Javan rhino 50 – 100.

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